18 facts about the increase in the lips that you need to know before you make a decision

1. The best drug is a drug based on hyaluronic acid. If you are offered something different, be on your guard. Always start with absorbable drugs.

2. If you do not like the result , you can instantly ( yes , for a day or two) get rid of the “new lips”: the doctor will give you the enzyme hyaluronidase , which dissolves hyaluronic acid absolutely painlessly and without a trace.

3. It can not be cheap. If you are offered to conduct a procedure for 5-7 thousand rubles , something is wrong here.

4. The effect persists for 4-6 months , but no one can guarantee this: there are lucky ones , in which the hyaluronka ” Is” and a year , and others have to make it in 2 months.

5. The first day the result can not be estimated: the lips will be swollen and may have an irregular shape. This does not mean , however , that everything is bad.

6. You will not feel any alienity , lips will be completely natural to the touch and with kisses.

7. During the procedure, it is possible to feel a swelling of the lips , swelling and tingling. This is normal. Then do not be surprised , when the doctor will massage the lips: this is necessary , so that the drug is distributed correctly.

8. You will be offered a choice of injectable anesthesia or anesthetic cream: the solution depends on the pain threshold , but we would advise injection.

9. It’s fast: the procedure will take no more than 20 minutes. She does not require any preparation.

facts about the increase in the lips
facts about the increase in the lips

10. After the procedure for a day, avoid physical activity and less bend over , to reduce the flow of blood to the lips. Kissing is also not worth it.

11. You can do the procedure in several stages: increase the smallest , if you like it – continue. Do not seek results in one visit to the doctor.

12. It is the doctor! Only a person with a diploma can magnify his lips.

13. For 10 days before the procedure, give up drugs on the basis of aspirin and other blood-thinning medications.

14. Some people form small bruises on the injection sites: this is normal and will go away without treatment for 5-7 days.

15. Do not expect to get the lips of Angelina Jolie. The doctor will fill your lips with volume , but will not change their shape.

16. If, one day after the procedure, you feel lumps and irregularities , the drug was administered too superficially. Go to the doctor , if the situation is correctable – he will make a correction or free the drug will clean the enzyme and after a month will repeat the procedure.

17. If you have often pops up herpes on your lips , take into account , that the procedure can provoke its appearance.

18. Your lips will not turn into strings and will not hang , even if you have been killing hyaluronic acid for many years. The skin of the lips is incredibly elastic!

18 facts about the increase in the lips that you need to know before you make a decision
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