5 Effective Ways to Increase Work Efficiency by Using Inspiration

Inspiration is inspiration, inspiration, and useless inspiration, but sometimes work that did not go wrong with a sudden inspiration goes well, work efficiency goes up a lot.


It is not always a good inspiration, but it is better than any inspiration to do anything rather than to think of anything, just pick out useful things out of what I have come up with.


So how can we get inspired one by one? Also, even if you have thought of it anyway, it makes no sense if you forget it soon.


How can I make use of my inspiration for my work? So I will tell you how to utilize inspiration for work this time.


Breath before relaxing before starting work


When I am impatient “I must do this,” the head is full of work in front of me, I can not afford to think of it as an inspiration. In order to get inspiration, we need to leave enough room to think extra things and extra things.


Also, I can not get inspiration when I am nervous or anxious and my head is full. A sudden inspiration comes only when you relax.


Let’s take a breath and relax before starting work. Try drinking coffee, trying out, closing your eyes and meditating. At this time, there may be something inspiration or something inspiring.


To have enough sleep and breakfast properly


Inspiration is the work of the brain. If the brain is not working properly, I can not get inspiration. Let ‘s have enough sleep and breakfast so that the brain works properly.


In the brains of lack of sleep and energy shortage, rather than inspiration, the efficiency of ordinary work will be lowered. Let’s eat carbohydrates at breakfast. Only sugar is the energy of the brain. Please eat fruits such as rice, bread, noodles, bananas.


Taking notes at once


Human, what I had come up with is suddenly forgotten. There are many things that you regret later and feel sluggish, “It was a very good idea.”


Try to write down what you came up with soon so as not to miss the inspiration. It is good to prepare a memo pad and a pen in the desk, suit pocket, or bedside.


When you have time, let’s think about how to expand your thoughts and use your inspiration for work while taking notes. It’s best to hit iron while it’s hot and turn your knees and inspiration into inspiration while you are fresh.


Looking back on the inspiration


Most of ideas and inspirations are useless. But there are useful inspiration inside. Also, even though you do not know how to use it for work when you come up to it, later on, “inspiration at that time was helpful” sometimes.


Do not judge the essentials / unnecessary of memorized inspiration or ideas immediately on the spot, and keep memorable notes that might not be useful for the time being. Then take out the memo again at the weekend or the end of the month and try to read it.


It is also recommended that you copy notes or personalize your notes or summarize your inspiration. By doing this, you will have an idea book.


It’s okay not to shuffle out when you want something, or try spreading your imagination while you spend your free time, looking back on inspiration or thinking again at another opportunity , You may get new inspiration or find ways to use it.


Try it for the time being


When you get the inspiration of work, let’s try it for the time being, if you can not succeed, whether you can improve your work efficiency with that inspiration or not. It is what I came up from without evidence or support.


It is faster to actually test and see if it will work or not, rather than thinking grounds and backing out in your head. Also, if the inspiration is a gift from God, it is a waste to discard the gift from God in the mind that “it can not be successful” is a waste and punishment.


By doing it with the feeling of “trying things,” unexpected inspiration can lead to unexpected success.


How was it. That was about how to utilize inspiration for work. In order to gain inspiration, it is important to make perfect the condition of the brain.


To relax and allow the brain to spare extra things and extra things, to take proper sleep and eat properly so that the brain works properly is the first step in getting inspired, if you arrange your brain’s condition Let’s wait for the inspiration and thoughts to come down again.


Even gaining inspiration has no meaning if you forget it. Take notes as soon as you flashed, think back to the memos and think about how to use the inspiration. When you get inspiration, it is also important to try it for the time being.


Do not judge the necessity or unnecessity of inspiration just by preconceived thoughts, beliefs, your own knowledge and experience, try anything in practice! It can lead to unexpected success.

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