How to Clean the Laptop from Dust

Usually, a new laptop works very quickly, which makes the host happy. But over time, his work slows down, noise increases, the temperature rises. This indicates the accumulation of dust in the laptop.

Dust is sucked into it together with air during the operation of the cooling system, after which it settles on the components: hard drive, motherboard, etc. As a result, this or that part may fail. To avoid this, clean the notebook from dust in time. Or use the services of specialized centers for the repair of computers and laptops.

The easiest way is to clean the notebook from dust in the service center. You can also do it yourself.

How do I clean my laptop? The simplest way to clean it is to blow it out with a vacuum cleaner or a compressor. But remember that the high air pressure sometimes damages the components in the housing. So you should be more careful with this. Cleaning is performed only in the off position. If you are not satisfied with the result, disassemble and clean the laptop.

When disassembling the laptop, you should remember how all its cogs and small parts are located, so that at the end of the assembly there would be no extra ones. For work useful balloon with the presence of compressed air, screwdriver and instructions to the laptop – where you can see how to properly disassemble the laptop.

Disconnect the device from the network, turn it off, and then remove the battery. After that, disassemble it according to the instructions. Do not touch the motherboard, but carefully vacuum it with a vacuum cleaner. Do not use cotton wool or cloth to clean the dust. They in case of inaccurate handling can damage the motherboard and lead to a short circuit. Pay special attention to radiators and fans, as this is where dust accumulates most often.

Sometimes the fans are disconnected, which helps to facilitate their cleaning. You can drop a little engine oil on the fan’s axle, which will increase the life of the fan. At the end of cleaning, assemble the laptop. This should be done carefully, without exerting extra effort. Otherwise, you can damage the components of the laptop.

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