How to clean the speakers

The dust that has entered the inside of the acoustic system can significantly worsen the sound quality of the speakers and their appearance. If you work a little and clean the speakers, they will sound and look like new.

Before cleaning the speakers, first, you need to disconnect the amplifier, as well as other devices, to which the speaker system is connected. After disconnecting, find two terminals on the back: red and black. Pay attention that one of them is joined by a conductor with a label. Remember which one. Slide the levers and pull the wires out of the terminals.

Cleaning the column from the outside should be done with a small piece of lint-free cloth lightly moistened in soapy water. Water should never get into the inside of the column. For cleaning, alcohol can also be used. True, the use of alcohol is not possible on all surfaces. In this case, it is necessary to look at individually. After cleaning, let the surface of the speaker system dry completely.

In order to clean the column inside, you must first remove the grate from it. Often, you just need to pull it, and sometimes you need to unscrew a couple of cogs. Clean the inside of the grill surface with dust using a fan. Do the same with the space that is located under the grille. If you decided to use a vacuum cleaner for this business, then remember that it should be used very carefully, since the vacuum cleaner can damage the diffusers of dynamic heads, as well as the protective fabric.

Now look for the screws holding the lid. Their position can be under the grille, in front or behind. Turn them out, remove the cover, do not damage the conductors, blow the speaker system inside, then close it. To prevent dust from entering the lungs, do not bend over the workplace, or use a respirator.

The last step of cleaning the speaker is to assemble the speaker system in reverse order. Then it is necessary to pull off the terminals and connect the wires to them in the correct polarity. Release the terminals, after which they will lock. Check the acoustics.

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