How to use WhatsApp on your Desktop Computer?

WhatsApp is one of the famous app for every Smartphone user now-a-days. And there are many reasons for that. One main reason is that it is easy to use and available free in India. You may have some another reason. But overall, we all love to use WhatsApp.


It’s main limitation is that it’s available ONLY on your phone – be it Android or BlackBerry or Nokia etc. But not anymore.


Recently, WhatsApp announced that it’s users can this application on web too. I’ve just checked mine on Chrome browser with Windows XP.


So, here are the steps if you also want to use it on your desktop computer.


** Step 1 **


Update WhatsApp on your phone with its latest version. For Android users, choose Google Play Store and update this application.


**Step 2__ **__


Visit WhatsApp official website at


You’ll get screen like this:


whatsapp on desktop


Step 3


Scan the QR code given on your desktop screen with WhatsApp. Just choose Menu -> WhatsApp Web


Step 4


That’s. You can now enjoy WhatsApp application on your desktop computer and same will be sync with your mobile phone.


Be sure to logout from WhatsApp on Web after using it for security reasons.


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